Education and Training

  • Educational materials support for destitute  and out of school girls and fulfilling schools facilities support.
  • Awareness creation on women rights and different empowerment trainings to school community , gender based violence protection and  support  educative materials .
  • Promoting the   increase of Sustained Influence of Girls and Young Women (GYW)  on decision Making and the transmission of Gender Norms in formal and Informal Institutions, in schools and out of school  
  • Materials support to school clubs with mininmedia materials , books  and other supporive equipments and solar panels for energyto mini media.
  • To enhance collective voice and action of GYW in formal and informal institutions  
  • To create education and health access for OVCs and marginalized youths.
  • Establishment of ICT center in order to benefit  high schools girls students as well as school community to enhance their ICT utilization