Assessment of GBV at Lasta wereda on 5 kebbele’s on GBV conditions of women and Girls as result of Conflict b/n The Ethiopian Government and TPLF

The assessments was conducted in June 16-22, 2022 on 5 Kebeles of Lasta wereda(Medage,SegnoGebyeya, Shimisha, Dibiko and Daboketema) by 4 volunteers data collector and two NMWEO’s project officers supervising the field Activities. Before conducting the field assessments we take (the project officers take direct training about the kobox tool and how it work and we got enough skills to administer that/ Lalibela May  feild visit of AAE teems).

On June 15, we take (including 4 volunteers) on line training on Lal hotel at Lalibela and we work for 5 days. The four volunteers conducted 12 FGD,15 KII and 2 service mapping(By Mareg and Tesfaye)

The name of volunteers

  1. Banch Gashaw
  2. Ritiban lakew
  3. Genet H/Melkot
  4. Dirib Habitu

Voluntrees data collectors send after immediately finished each activity at each kebele. Detailed financial expenditure is attached on project report