The following awards have been rewarded to NMWEO:

  • Certificate of Appointment by IWPG as Peace Ambassador in recognition of Tigist Alebachew Teklu’s voluntary work and endeavour in peace building to achieve peaceful world as a perpetual legacy for the future generations, September 2018.
  • Certificate of appointment by IWPG for Tigist Alebachew Teklu, directress of NMWEO, appointed as a member of the IWPG PEACE COMMITTEE, ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, to working in solidarity with IWPG and the 3.6 billion women of the world with motherly hearts to achieve cessations of war and inherit a world of peace to the future generation, September 2016.
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement to Tigist Alebachew by the Network of Ethiopian Women Associations /NEWA/ in recognition to her invaluable support and contributions made as Fundraising Committee member to mobilize funds for the construction of future Ethiopian Woman Centre, October 2016.
  • Certificate of thanksgiving by Axum Preparatory School for supporting the school with Mini-Media materials 2011/2012.
  • Certificate thanksgiving by Romhay Primary School for supporting the installation of drinking water for the children and the school community, June 2013.
  • Certificate of recognition by Axum City Administration for supporting the establishment and strengthening of Micro and Small Enterprises/MSEs/ in the city
  • Certificate of appreciation by Axum Education Bureau in March 2013 for community mobilization
  • Association of women in Business /AWiB/ Spotlight Tigist Alebachew: a determined environmentalist and ardent supporter of female independence
  • NMWEO has determined environmentalist, an ardent supporter of female independence and has receive different recognitions and credentials for her involvement in women and society as a whole in the aspect of environment and climate change, gender, HIV Prevention counseling, testing and Economic empowerment.
  • NMWEO has good presence in Gambela, Amhara, Tigray people regional state and is a recognized partner to District offices of agriculture, Women and children affairs, Education, Health, Finance and economic development. Saving and credit cooperation.