Generation Equality Forum , Paris June 30 - July 2, Watch Party event Report organized by The African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) and New Millennium Women Empowerment Organization, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It was known that a watch party event was organized for the opening ceremony of Generation Equality Forum, Paris, in Addis Ababa. Thus, here is the report of the event.

Venue: MADO Hotel conference hall at Bole road.
Date : 30th June, 2021
Participants: Girls and young women,  no 25, man 10
Invited guests:
board members, she leads partners, staff members etc, no –10
Total no. of participants: 35

1. Narrative Report

  1. Banners written with the, Generation equality forum, Paris, fixed on the walls of the  conference hall.
  2. T-shirts prepared and printed with Generation equality forum, Paris, and logo of different organizations including  FEMNET and NMWEO, distributed to the participants.
  3. Registration of the participants conducted and following Program director of NMWEO, introduced the program designed for the meeting and clarified the aim of the gathering  as it is due to the generation equality forum Paris, and  a watch party is organized by FEMNET and NMWEO,and also  introducing these organizations and their status, duties and responsibilities. In addition, he mentioned, what these young people could learn from this and their contribution to play a role for generation equality.
  4. Following Mrs. Tigist Alebachew, directress of NMWEO, is invited to make an opening speech and addressed the aim of the event ,why it is organized, what is expected from these  girls and young women, and their participation in political, social and economic endeavours to build the nations development.
  5. The Watch party on line live event attendance in Paris is started, which is arranged by a large screen show of the MADO Hotel  conference room, Starting from the speech of H.E. Emanuel Macron, President of France.
  6. After hours of attendance of the live event , a board chairwoman of NMWEO, Mrs. Adanech kebede invited to make a speech for the girls and young women and expressed, how women could achieve their goal, as the potential is with in themselves and should bring it out tackling all the obstacles. She served for many years to capacitate women and strived for gender equality. She added also herself passed so many up and downs and reached to the stage of being NGO, executive directress this time.
  7. Two among the girls and young women invited to deliver their speech or feeling about the program, and said they are curious by the program and it has so many educative contents and it helps to empower their assertiveness.They  gave their thanks to those who organized this event.
  8. A closing remark is also made by the executive directress and program director of NMWEO, in that they could follow the event using different social media till the end 2nd of July and as a young generation they have to act a lot to achieve their goal.
  9. Common photograph of all the participants standing together holding  the Generation Equality Forum ,written banner conducted. (See pictures below)
  10. Finally, refreshment with a cocktail ceremony in the hotel served for all the participants and became the end of the program.