Implementing community Care Coalition for OVC Care and Support Project in Axum town, Tigray Region

CCRDA Project: 

Implementing community Care Coalition for OVC Care and Support Project in Axum town, Tigray Region

Project Budget: ETB 70,290
Donor: CCRDA
Implementing Period:
Start Date; March 01/2017    End Date; February 28/2017

Orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia face multi-faceted problems economic hardships, school dropout, lack of love and affection, Psychological distress, Loss of inheritance, Malnutrition and illness Stigma, discrimination and isolation to address this limitations, various forms of services have been rendered for a limited number of orphans including institutional care, community based care and support, cash support, educational services, advocacy as well as awareness raising services.

Understanding such existing and up flourishing problems in OVC concerns NMHDO intends to take responsibility of intervention through the CCC project model which seeks to strengthen community-led care and support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). CCCs are formed by joining key community stakeholders into a coalition to identify OVC-related issues within the community and to develop and prioritize action plans for responding to these issues in Axum, Tigray regional state. Unlike the traditional external hand out which often targets view victims of the problem and develop dependency syndrome the CCC approach builds resilience of the community and using its assets are better sought

  • Goal and Objective

Goal: To Contribute towards the national impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS through enhancing the capacity of the community.

Specific Objective of the project: To strengthen the capacity of community based structure at the community level so that care and support services ensured for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

  • Expected Out Comes
    • Strengthened the capacity of five community based structures (CCC) for OVCs care and support at five Kebeles of Axum and Laelay Maichew Woreda (Tigray Region)
    • Partnership and linkage established and strengthened for five CCC in Axum and Laelay Maichew.
    • Sustained OVC care and support services at the community level will be initiated and ensured.
  • Project Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of this project are five CCC at five Kebeles (Hawelte, Hayelom, Kidane and Maebel) of Axum town and Laelay Maichew woreda. These CCC are capacitated through this project to address OVC children at their specific Kebeles.

  • Project Accomplishments

In accordance to this, the following activities have been fully accomplished over the period of the project:

  1. 60 community members mobilized on OVC care and support.
  2. Five CCC community based structures established and strengthened.
  3. Five CCC trained on resource mobilization and management and institutionally supported.
  4. 25 of community volunteers trained.
  5. Five CCC or community based structures have recognition at the Woreda/zone/ regional level.
  6. Five CCC or community based structures have financial collection and depositing mechanism.
  7. Four meetings organized to promote experience and information exchange among stakeholders and the five CCC.
  8. Material & financial support was provided to 125 OVCs.
  9. In kind contribution mobilized for OVC care and support.
  10. Birr 50,000 was mobilized for OVC care and support.

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